Quality and respect for the environment

Innovation, reuse, recycling

S.I.RE. believes in a smart, innovative and sustainable plastics industry, in which design and production fully respect the need to reuse, repair, and recycle. An industry that generates growth and employment and contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

S.I.RE. adopts the most advanced solutions to guarantee constant improvement in terms of environmental sustainability while preserving the quality of its products.

S.I.RE.’s principal production goals are:

saving energy / saving water / more effcient use of raw materials / reduction of waste
production / better management of waste products

Circular Economy

Innovation, reuse, recycling

The new circular economy is a crucial driving force of competitiveness. S.I.RE. works by enhancing the value of plastic materials deriving from recovery/recycling operations that can be used in their entirety for the production of plastic products, in place of raw materials.

social commitment

beyond production...

Italian association of plastic recyclers
Supporting members and members of the board of directors.
AreYouR project
Raising awareness of plastic recycling
Plastic Recycling Europe
Association that promotes the recycling of plastic materials
Members and in the HDPE working table
Piacenza Calcio
Youth sector


Quality standards

ISO 9001 - ISO 14001
Quality Management System
Certification for plastic recyclers that operate with high standards

SIRE. it is also certified for the German DSD system and in the process of being certified for the Plastic Second Life