PRE officially signed the Circular Plastic Alliance Declaration

On September 20, 2019 Plastics Recyclers Europe – which S.I.RE. is member of – officially signed the Circular Plastic Alliance Declaration, together with over 100 other private and public organizations.

Circular Plastic Alliance Declaration sets a number of actions that the coalition will work on to foster the uptake of 10 million tons of recycled plastic in Europe by 2025

These actions include:

Design for recycling:

Working towards developing, updating or revising design for recycling guidelines for all plastic products and ensure they are revised on a regular basis to take into account innovation.

A work plan to deliver on these guidelines will be announced by 1/3/2020

Collection and sorting of plastic waste

Working towards zero plastic waste to nature.
A state-of-play on collected and sorted plastic waste in the EU will be published by 1/6/2020
A mapping on the necessary investments in collection and sorting facilities and infrastructures in each Member State will be published by 1/1/202.

Recycled plastic content in products

Working towards increasing the uptake of recycled plastics up to at least 10 million tonnes by 2025’
A report on legal, economic and technical requirements for these solutions will be published by 1/1/2021.

R&D and investments, including chemical recycling

A research and development agenda on circular plastics will be defined by 1/3/2020.
A mapping of the investments and funding needed in collection, sorting, recycling and converting of plastics will be done by 1/1/2021

Monitoring of recycled plastics sold in the EU

The alliance will set up by 1/1/2021 a harmonised EU value chain voluntary system to monitor volumes of recycled plastics used in European products.


A Steering Committee will be established to coordinate the Circular Plastic Alliances activities