Plastics Recyclers Europe – Activities Report 2018

Nowadays, increasing recycling for plastic products is a priority.

Recycling means:

  • Reducing consumption of natural resources
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing marine and land pollution

S.I.RE. Spa is one of the key players in the recycling industry for polyolefin resins, and a strong supporter of the transition to a circular economy.

S.I.RE. Spa is a member of Plastics Recyclers Europe, an association founded with the aim of promoting recycling plastic materials in Europe, which launched Plastics Recycling Show Europe.

Report PRE
You can download the activities report 2018 of Plastics Recyclers Europe below.


S.I.RE. at Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Come and see us at the PRSE on 10 and 11 April 2019 in Amsterdam!


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