Specialists in plastics materials

recycling and compound

2 Factories
Arena Po and Bressana Bottarone.
S.I.RE. S.p.A. boasts a long experience in the plastics industry. Located in the province of PAVIA, it has developed its production in the territory thanks to two factories n Arena Po and Bressana Bottarone.
40.000 tons/year
among the leaders of the recycling of polyolefin resins
The corporate philosophy, based on a pragmatic approach in production and the research of customised technical solutions, has made the a company one of the protagonists in the field of polyolefin resins.
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Technical and ground Compound
Production takes place in two factories located in Arena Po and Bressana Bottarone. The first factory is specialized in manufacturing technical compounds for the industry of pipes, geo-synthetic membranes, gardening devices, etc. The other factory prepares ground material to be recycled, low-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Thanks to 5 washing lines and 3 grinding lines in the factory of Bressana Bottaronethe materials used are guaranteed free of impurities as they undergo an initial processing before passing through the extrusion final phase.
What we offer
The company can provide the following services: – Collection of plastics manufacturing rejections in large containers. – Grinding, washing, mixing and extrusion processing on behalf of third parties. Contact us via email at for a quotation.
ISO certifications
The quality of our production is assured by ou skilled technicians who constantly monitor every single manufacturing process. The processing phases for the production of granules can guarantee lots of 10 tons minimum. Incoming materials are constantly checked and pre-mixed prior to the extrusion phase. The productis made homogeneous thanks to granule mixing silos The materials are then checked in a lab before being delivered to the customer. On request we can provide: – Safety and technical sheets – Certificates of analysis.

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